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Wide Open Eighth Mile Bike Drags

Racing During The Annual Spring - Labor Day - Weekend Rallies
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Here's an overview of the track for the racers that have never been here yet..
ConesvilleBikeDrags.Com View of Track
Here's the track with nothing out, after and before the races. Looking West.
Racers and their rigs camp to the right on the North side.
On the left side to the South is the Rally area, the band shell, camping, food, showers and supply vendors.

Here's the camping area in more detail..

ConesvilleBikeDrags.Com pit area next to track
Racers, when you arrive you take a spot in the N-S rows parallel to the track working across.

ConesvilleBikeDrags.Com drag biker parking areas
This is a typical row out in the middle of the area. Photo was taken afterward to show the area and grounds.
During the races this is all filled up.

ConesvilleBikeDrags.Com bike area next to track.
View looking down the row into the field. There are still several hundred campers and rigs that have not yet left.

Bikes in the pit area.
View looking east among teams and bikes as they are camped.

That is an overview of the racing area of the Conesville grounds.

Here's the crowd next to the track gathering during a break in the drags to watch bikes jump through the air.

ConesvilleBikeDrags.Com crowd next to track.

ConesvilleBikeDrags.Com crowd by the track

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