Conesville Dragway
Old Glory


The new Conesville Dragway Motorcycle Track record is 134.+ MPH with an E.T. of ?5.
This Record was Set at the Revival Races by Al Mart.

We need pix of the Timing Slip and Bike with Racer and Trophy Etc.
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The Previous record was set on Saturday May 18th, 2013 by Dave Roisen of Interstate Junction Motorcycles.

The unofficial Highest Speed Recorded clocked by Dave Roisen during Tech and Tune was 132.08 MPH..

Conesville Dragway Track Record Slip   Conesville Dragway Track Record Closeup...
Timing Tower slips showing the speed and E.T. as recorded with the run.

Conesville Dragway Track Record Team
Interstate Junction Team with Fman Charlie Track Announcer.

Dave Roisen Buning out.
Here's Dave and the bike on the track warming the rubber before one of the record setting runs..

Target to get for the record.
Here's Dave getting interviewed by PIPES who tells him that he has a target on his back with the track record.
See the Video Here on YouTube or on this page..

Here's what he says about The Conesville Dragway in the video shown above.....
"THIS IS THE TRICKIEST, HARDEST TRACK TO RUN THAT THERE IS! This is an unprepped brushed concrete track. It's very hard to hook up. It's the toughest one we've ever seen. Ive been doing this since 1983." 20 Years ....Dave Roisen who races on NHRA and all kinds of prepped and sanctioned tracks as well.

Track Record Run
Video Clip. Click on it to Watch the run which set the record...

Dave Roisen on the Track record.. The interview is conducted in the pits by PIPES and discusses the essence of the bike, the track, the build, and the concepts which are engineered into the bikes to make them what they are. The track structure and their industry background. Bikes are Specifically Designed to perform on the conditions on this Conesville Dragway Track.

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The First 130+MPH Record was set during the Spring 2010 Hog Wild Rodeo Racing
of Interstate Junction Motorcycles
His website is HERE.

Here's Dave and the trophy for the record.

Here's Dave with the timing ticket for the record run.

Here's the timing ticket for the record run.

Here's the written description of the record.

Here Dave accepts the award from Possum and Motorcycle Specialties

Dave looks the information over and checks it out.

This is the bike that set his first standing track record..
Meet Dave Roisen - A man with a License to FLY !

Here's Dave and his Kickass Bike.
Please NOTE that it has no cushion or seat of any kind.

Its a custom drag bike Hayabusa.

Don't be surprised if he breaks his own record and gets it up to a faster speed yet !

This guy puts on a spectacular show and the bike has so much power
it lifts the front wheel at the TOP of each gear just before shifting sometimes.

Watch the YouTube Videos on the main page of this website and see him going at it !

We all joke around about the bike but this is SERIOUS Business.

Also note: THIS record holder bike is treated in and out with S A Fluid.
Dave will be quick to tell you there's no better machine shop & preservation fluid.
It's the Ultimate Drag Bike Rub in the world.
It's Dynomic
Dave's website is HERE - check out their professional work bike shop and bikes there too.


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